Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of the services of the Geepy Mobile Platform, owned by the company Geepy Smart Technology Ltd.
Geepy Mobile is a Contact Portal and provider of technological solutions and information that allows the efficient and timely provision of the global mobile communications service for use by registered end users, and in turn, the administration of the anonymized data generated by the platform by from Geepy Smart Technology Ltd. (Geepy Smart Technology Ltd is a British company that is responsible for designing products and providing technological solutions and services based on cybersecurity, hyper-connectivity, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence).
To access the services of our platform or our application for mobile devices, it is necessary for the User to accept these terms and conditions at the time of registration and at any update of these.

User registration

To register as a User on the Platform, it is necessary to be of legal age and have full capacity to contract the obligations indicated in these terms and conditions.
The User, acting on his own behalf or through his legal representative, acknowledges having the legal capacity to contract and contract obligations. In addition, he declares that he has no legal impediments that prohibit him from being bound by this contract.
The registration is carried out virtually through the Platform, entering User data such as name, surname, cell number, email, among others.
The User declares and guarantees that the information and data provided to the Platform is true and up-to-date.
The rights that are acquired with the registration are personal and non-transferable. The login password registered by the User should not be informed to third parties and should be used with the utmost prudence and diligence, since any damage or loss caused by the theft or misuse of it will be the sole responsibility of the User.
In any case, Geepy Smart Technology Ltd reserves the right to verify by any lawful means the veracity of the information registered by Users and to accept or deny their registration.

Download, installation and update of the APP

The download, installation and update of the application can be done from the main application stores for mobile devices (App Store and Google Play); The use of outdated versions of the application could affect its correct operation, in case of requiring technical support related to the application you can write to us at the email: info@geepy.co.uk
The User must verify, before performing any download or installation, that the Platform is compatible with their devices. In any case, the User is solely responsible for any damage caused to their devices by the installation or use of non-compatible versions of the application, for example, installation from unofficial pages or stores.

Access to plataform

To enter the Platform you must enter the email and password registered by the User, in case of updating these terms and conditions, the User can only enter the Platform when they have read and accepted them.
Geepy Smart Technology Ltd cannot be held responsible for the services provided by third parties that are necessary for the proper functioning of the Platform, such as the support operator, internet service, telephony, mobile data, location services in the global positioning system ( GPS) and the like.

Use of the platform
Once registered, Users will be able to use the Platform to manage and administer SIM cards, where they can buy SIM cards, buy packages, locate SIM cards (optional), schedule itineraries so that SIM cards through RPAs (robotic processes) carry out previously defined actions (eg: turn on, turn off SIM cards, buy plans, reactivate packages, recharge voice and data packages, send or receive SMS’s, create groups and others that may be implemented in future versions of the application.
Geepy Smart Technology Ltd may collaborate to help solve any inconvenience or difference that may arise between Users, but this does not mean that Geepy Smart Technology Ltd is directly or jointly liable for the obligations that they acquire.
Geepy Smart Technology Ltd will act exclusively in its role as a contact portal and provide management tools to manage SIM cards, buy SIM cards, data, data packages, SMS’s and voice, provided by the support operator.


Protection and processing of personal data

In compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 and its regulatory decree, Geepy Smart Technology Ltd has adopted an Internal Manual of Policies and Procedures for the Protection of Personal Data that can be consulted here Privacy Policy. Geepy Smart Technology Ltd as Responsible, carries out the processing of personal data provided by Users only within the purposes contemplated in its policy. By accepting these terms and conditions, the User also accepts the content of the Privacy Policy and the Internal Manual of Policies and Procedures for the Protection of Personal Data adopted by Geepy Smart Technology Ltd. In accordance with these terms and conditions, the User grants their express authorization for the processing of their personal data, including the express authorization of the transfer and international transmission of their personal data, including the name, image, age, telephone number, email , location and address, within the purposes communicated in the Privacy Policy and in the aforementioned policy manual. In the event of a sale, merger, spin-off, consolidation, business integration, change in corporate control, substantial transfer of assets or global transfer of assets, reorganization or liquidation of Geepy Smart Technology Ltd, then Geepy Smart Technology Ltd may at its discretion and under any title, transfer, transmit, sell or assign the personal data collected, to any third party linked to some of the operations described or to one or more relevant parties.


License of use

Geepy Smart Technology Ltd will provide the User with a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-commercial and fully revocable license to use the Platform, in accordance with the terms contained in this document. The license will be valid only while the Platform is accessed and in the event that access is granted by Geepy Smart Technology Ltd.
Geepy Smart Technology Ltd reserves all rights to the Platform not expressly granted here. The distribution, reproduction, modification or transformation, creation of derivative works, scrapping or extraction of information and public communication of the Platform is expressly prohibited.
Geepy Smart Technology Ltd reserves the right not to allow the use, or suspend or cancel the use of the Platform to any User, without prior notice and without any compensation.
The User accepts that the logos, brands, photos, images, descriptions, texts, templates, symbols, distinctive signs, manual (s) and any other material or content related to the Platform, constitutes, as appropriate, intellectual property rights, business and / or property rights of Geepy Smart Technology Ltd.

Compromise clausule

Any difference or controversy related to these terms and conditions will be subject to the decision in Law of one (1) arbitrator who will be subject to the arbitration procedure regulations of the Arbitration and Conciliation Center of the regulatory entity of the United Kingdom government. The arbitrator will be appointed by the parties by mutual agreement and, failing that, will be appointed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Center of the UK government regulatory entity, at the request of either party. The arbitration tribunal will have its seat in the city of London (UK), the applicable substantial law will be the British one. The court clerk will be comprised of one (1) member from the official roster of clerks from the Center for Arbitration and Conciliation of the UK government regulatory body.

Comunications y notifications

Any information that must be made known to Users may be carried out through the publication of notices on the Platform, by means of a data message sent to the User or by email to the address registered by the User, at the choice of Geepy Smart Technology Ltd.
Communications and notifications addressed to Geepy Smart Technology Ltd should be sent to 16a St. Dunstans Hill, Cheam, Sutton, England, SM1 2UE.

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